Coping with the Sunday to Monday Gap.

When it comes to their work, many Christians in the marketplace strongly desire their faith and their work to go hand in hand.

the disconnect.

Christians in the marketplace can often feel like their faith and work lives are somehow distinct from one another. One reason is that many churches struggle with an expanded view of vocation, relying on a biblical hierarchy in which traditional ministry roles are viewed as superior to more common roles among laity.^

^John Knapp, How The Church Fails Businesspeople.

How is God present in the marketplace?



While there are many ways to help advance kingdom work, it goes beyond simply conducting business in a biblical manner.


The reality of sin...

Human brokenness means that systems, like capitalism, are also broken.

It’s no surprise that in listing Christian values, the importance of business ethics would rise to the top. Many Christians also cite financial stewardship and philanthropy as important values. And many strive to openly share their faith as they conduct business. But understanding the effects of sin in the marketplace requires going deeper. 

Whether highlighted in the bible or observed in the marketplace, corporate sins have greatly contributed to economic disparity. Institutions like slavery or human trafficking are clear examples, wherein dehumanization undergirds the system. Furthermore, the prevalence of unjust laws and policies throughout US history have often left unethical business practices in the marketplace to continue unabated.

The Good News

The good news is that churches can help properly equip marketplace individuals to serve humbly alongside the poor. Businesspeople with certain skills and industry knowledge can use those same skills to help those from disinvested communities. This offers churches a unique opportunity to mobilize members while building more affirming relationships across

community lines.

Even during quarantine, churches can mobilize volunteers.

Volunteers can empower others to create real marketplace opportunities.

Faith + Work = addressing poverty and bringing jobs to communities.


Let's discuss faith and work together.

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