What is grassrootsgig.com?

Grassrootsgig.com is an online community and marketplace that brings together entrepreneurs from all different cultures and backgrounds to sell products as well as share ideas, collaborate, and discuss all things related to microenterprise.


What does the term ‘GigRoots’ mean?

GigRoots is the name of the force behind grassrootsgig.com. Gigroots is also the term used to describe how entrepreneurship is deeply embedded within many disadvantaged communities. We believe economic impact happens best at the grassroots level, where many individuals run several gigs to make ends meet. By cultivating ‘gigroots’, we can see businesses grow and families thrive.


What is grassrootsgig.com about?

Grassrootsgig.com is all about providing support to microenterprises. Given their small size, microenterprises are the most vulnerable to failure—this can be for many reasons. Whether due to lack of capital, lack of technical assistance, or quite simply a lack of enough people, microenterprises face a number of challenges. For microenterprises in disadvantaged communities, these challenges are often multiplied. Whatever the challenge, we’re here to help.  


What are the ways in which Grassroots Gig supports microenterprises?

Grassroots Gig supports microenterprises in three specific ways:

  • E-Commerce: we provide access to an online marketplace where potential customers are searching for quality products made by talented and amazing people.

  • Community: We create connections to thousands of microenterprises through a growing online community.

  • Opportunity: we provide opportunity for microenterprisers to tell their stories to a broader audience. We believe that emerging entrepreneurs deserve a voice, and so we invite entrepreneurs to share their journeys toward success. Our stories choose to focus on the in between stage, when the struggles are the most real, and small victories mean huge steps forward. Learn more about our upcoming podcast series here.


What’s a microenterprise?

A microenterprise is defined as a small business with fewer than five employees. Most microenterprises are run by an individual (solopreneur) or two people partnering up. There are an estimated two million microenterprises operating in the US.[1]


[1] According to research from the Aspen Institute. aspeninstitute.org


What type of other support exists for microenterprises?

Increasingly, there are a number of resources available for microenterprises. In fact, chances are that there is an Entrepreneur Support Organization (ESO) within your area. Check with your local government or SBA office to ask about what programs are available. Or reach out to us and we can help point you to local resources.


How does the site work?

In our blog, we feature stories from real people operating microenterprises in communities all across the country. These individuals discuss their issues, challenges, failures, opportunities and successes on the road to establishing a sustainable small business. The entrepreneurs themselves span across many different cultures and backgrounds, with most operating among historically disadvantaged communities and marginalized contexts.

In our marketplace, we will feature the products and services offered by microenterprises everywhere. As we launch, we are focusing on gathering stories from entrepreneurs to share through our podcast. Every story will include direct links to the business being featured where listeners can immediately go and make purchases.


What are the criteria for being featured as an entrepreneur?

In order to be featured on the site, individuals need to have the following:

  1. An actual product or service you are looking to offer to customers.

  2. Some proof of sales, either through sales records or orders from actual customers. Even if sales are minimal (for example, less than $500 a month) we will feature your story. We need this to verify that customers can make purchases, so if you’re still in the idea phase or yet to make a sale, we ask that you revisit us in the future.

  3. The ability to accept online orders or respond to customer inquiries, either through a website, facebook page, or some form of online presence. In addition, we ask for proof of ability to do order fulfillment and shipping. The goal is to help you make additional revenue as quickly as possible, so having order fulfillment capabilities is crucial.

  4. An established brand – Do you have a logo? Have you put together your brand? Great! This will help visitors associate your brand with you as an individual. Potential customers are much more likely to remember you if you have an existing brand. Having a presence on social media is also a huge plus!

  5. A story – Speaking of people remembering you, it’s important to have a story of your journey as an entrepreneur that you wish to share. The story should be genuine and real, highlighting the ups and downs, your dreams, and your struggles. If you’d like to share your story on our blog or podcast, please visit our story section.


Is Grassroots Gig exclusively for microenterprise?

Yes. We choose to focus on serving microenterprises, particularly those operating within marginalized or disinvested communities. The goal is to help bring their stories to light, help them sell their products, and continue to grow their business.


Is this a membership-based site?

For businesses, the site will feature a membership section. Anyone can join. This will be part of our online forum where entrepreneurs can connect with one another.

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